Ayahuasca retreats

To go on an ayahuasca retreat is to go on a journey of self discovery. Typically, the path of mystery in the Amazonian jungle begins in Iquitos, Peru. Travelers are likely to be taken in an open boat up the Amazon River to a native village, home of the shaman or ayahuascero who will be their guide into the otherworld of the ayahuasca sacred spirits vine. The translation of the name means vine of the dead, or vine of the soul.

The typical shaman’s camp includes thatched roof houses on stilts, providing comfortable albeit rustic accommodations for the group members who will be participating in the ayahuasca ceremonies. While living in the camp, the diets of the travelers will probably be restricted to bland, simple foods, such as rice, fish and plantain, prepared with no spices and not even salt.

The ceremony usually starts after dark, and it has a duration of four to six hours. It generally takes about a half an hour before the hallucinations and visual distortion begins. What happens next, many people say, depends on how the spirit that dwells within the magical vine interacts with the individual who is participating in the ceremony. In a very successful ayahuasca session, the participant will have a vision and receive a message from a divine or higher voice giving significant insight about their life. This paranormal or mystical experience may be described as magic.

Meanwhile, the shaman is singing songs, drumming, or shaking rattles, often using ceremonial elements he has been personally given by the ayahuasca spirit itself. There is no ayahuasca hangover the next morning. Instead there is more likely to be a feeling of having been cleansed and healed on both a physical and spiritual level.

After returning home from an ayahuasca retreats, some participants wish to continue with further ayahuasca experiences. Here is a link where you can buy ayahuasca vine and leaves.

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