Lindsay Lohan ayahuasca

Lindsay Lohan credits ayahuasca with having helped to turn her life around

The benefits of ayahuasca are getting more and more publicity these days with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler endorsing it as a means to improve their lives.

Ms. Lohan, who had been experiencing troubles with the law for many years, declared openly that ayahuasca is one of the reasons why her life has changed for the better. She also credited meditation and whole-body cryotherapy as assisting her to relieve stress and to feel happier.

The turn-around by the actress famous for her role in the “Parent Trap” motion picture was reported recently in the UK Mirror, in an article by Rebecca Pocklington, and you can read it in its entirety at

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler is reportedly working on a new television mini-series that includes an episode about ayahuasca. To be broadcast by Netflix, the documentary would be one of four programs, the other three of which would focus on racism, the Silicon Valley and marriage.

The one about which we are concerned, of course, will shine a spotlight upon the brew made with the notorious Amazon Banisteriopsis caapi vine. Ms. Handler would be jetting to Peru and working with a shaman as well as the supervision of mainstream medical professionals.

In a news story published by Venture Capital Post, the comedienne was described as having said she was bored with life and turned down a ten million dollar offer to continue her late night television program, Chelsea Lately, for another five years. The documentary show about ayahuasca would be designed not only to entertain but also to provide her viewers with a moral lesson. You can see the full article online at

On one hand it can be argued that Lohan and Handler are less than savory examples rather than being the ideals of society, given the former’s long history of challenges with the law and the latter’s propensity for appearing semi-nude in public. But on the other hand, the community that places a higher value on creativity and non-conformity will certainly view what Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler are saying about ayahuasca as positive endorsements.

The editors of this website see these happenings as another positive step in the promotion of ayahuasca tea as a means to improve the human condition, and we applaud them.